In the first chapter of a new series highlighting presentations by some of higher education’s key figures, we examine the theme of disruptive changes to student recruitment.

Two of UK higher education’s leading voices paint compelling pictures of the future of HE that every university strategic planner and marketing director needs to hear.

VIDEO: Introduction

Neil Stewart, Editorial Director of the Education Studio introduces the topic of disruptive changes to student recruitment.

PODCAST: Mary Curnock Cook OBE, Former CEO of UCAS

Reflections on the Admissions Climate – Festival of Higher Education 2017 

Recorded at the University of Buckingham’s Festival of Higher Education 2017, Mary Curnock Cook OBE sets out the challenging combination of demographic and other factors – drops in home applications to international challenges – combining to demand new approaches from UK universities who must adapt in the face of new trends.

A powerful insight into the trends subsequently revealed in the UCAS numbers in July 2017.

VIDEO: Andrew Crisp, CEO Carrington Crisp

What Students Want and Respond to – Student Recruitment and Retention 2017

A challenging insight into the changing routes through which students find their courses. What recruiters and marketers need to know and how “social is the new normal” for this generation of students.

  • Where you should look for international students outside the box of India and China
  • Where are the rising middle classes in the world to who want Higher Education
  • Why Huddersfield has won one of student recruitment’s greatest prizes

Marketing aficionados of Robert Cialdini’s seminal books on “Persuasion” and “Influence” which reshaped the world of marketing will hear examples of “reciprocity” by giving away courses for free to “Social Proof” using alumni and the new tools of Linkedin.