The Emerging New Order of Higher Education

Mike Boxall, is Senior Adviser in Higher Education at PA Consulting

Mike Boxall of PA Consulting gives his analysis of the trends impacting on UK and world demand for higher education.

  • Warns UK HE against over emphasis on existing 18 year old cohort
  • Predicts that alternative providers will compete for future demand, not focus on past models
  • Asserts that existing providers need to drive into these new models and demand areas urgently
  • Suggests that existing approaches underestimate shifts in demand
  • Higher Education will need new more diverse models and new types of leadership

VIDEO: Introduction

Neil Stewart, Editorial Director of the Education Studio introduces the topic of The Emerging New Order of Higher Education

VIDEO: Mike Boxall, Senior Adviser in Higher Education, PA Consulting

This 20 minute presentation will guide you through questions every university and higher education provider needs to ask of their strategy and business plan. An ideal scene setting for strategy and management planning discussion.

Highlighted are four key drivers of change:

  • Client led – new funding sources including degree apprenticeships
  • Purposeful – connected to outcome and context of learning
  • Networked – institution working collaboratively, no longer an island
  • Place based – stronger connections to locality and region

All these trends are visible, many institutions are demonstrating different ideas and models but UK institutions as a whole remain too uniformly rooted in the post secondary 18-22 year old model.